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My Thoughts and Feelings

My Personality Personafied

My name Is Nicole. I am 33. I love fanfiction. I also like to shop and I am sure I would love to go out dancing if I ever had the chance.

80's, alan rickman, alan/billy, alien nation, angel slash, angel/wesley, angel/xander, anime, ardeth/jonathan, ares/joxer, art, art museums, bbc america, beyond belief, blood ties, blood ties fanfiction, bowling, brian/dom, brokeback mountain fanfiction, buffy the vampire slayer, caffery/burke, casey/derek, charmed, charmed slash, chase/house, chase/wilson, chris/wyatt, chronicles of narnia, clean house, common law, corny/maybelle, crossovers, damon/jeremy, dancing, dasey, david bowie, digimon, digimon slash, doctor who slash, drew fuller, dvd's, edward/jacob, eureka, eureka slash, faramir/haldir, fin/munch, garfield, ghost stories, gibbs/tim, gibbs/tony, guns n roses, hairspray, hairspray fanfiction, haldir/faramir, harry potter, harry/lucius, harry/lucius/draco, harry/severus, harry/severus/lucius, harvey/mike, henry/mike, hercules, horror films, house m.d., house/chase, house/wilson/chase, hp crossovers, hp mpreg, inuyasha, inuyasha crossovers, jack/nathan, jack/ten, jane austen, jane eyre, jareth/sarah, joey/seto, jurassic park 3, keeping up appearances, kouga/inuyasha, labyrinth, latter days, law & order svu, legend, lord of the rings, lotr slash, magic mike, masterpiece theater, mcgibbs, mew mew tokyo, mike/henry, miroku/sesshomaru, mpreg, natalie/monk, nathan/jack, ncis, ncis slash, peter/neal, psych, psych slash, quizzes, ron/draco, sailor moon, sarah/jareth, sean patrick flannery, sense and senseability, shawn/lassiter, shopping, slash fanfiction, spike/wesley, spike/xander, spin city, spirited away, spirited away fanfiction, stuart/carter, suits slash, svu slash, tales from the darkside, the mummy, the mummy returns, the vampire diaries, tibbs, twilight, twilight crossovers, twilight fanfiction, twilight slash, urban legends, veela!draco, wes/travis, wesley slash, wesley/angel, white collar slash, wilson/chase, wyatt/chris, xander/angel, xena, yaoi, yugioh