crystalviolet45 (crystalviolet45) wrote,

My thoughts

It has been a while since I have posted an entry here.  I would almost think there was dust on this journal if it were a book and not computerized.  My life has gotten better, its hard for me to believe but it has. I am now in College AGAIN, and I have my own place, AGAIN!!!!  This time I am going to do things right.  I hope to have a good job so I can keep my nice place and then eventually move on to the career I want.  I LOVE my classmates they are so fun even though I am older than them i can still relate to them.  I think this time around my College experience is MUCH better.  I have joined a club too, I am in the Multicultural Club and I LOVE it.  Its what I LOOK forward to during the week.  I am hoping to start typing on here on a daily basis but that will d epend on my schedule.  That's all for now, till next time.
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