crystalviolet45 (crystalviolet45) wrote,

Still No Change

Its 2012 and I still have no job.  I don't have a place to live either I am stuck living with my aunt Jody and my dad and I am starting to wonder if I am ever going to live on my own again or at least have a better roommate.  My friend Shanna is annoying me a lot lately. She is the 4th to last person I want to ever live with.  I realized I have no friends that can help me and it is soooooooooooooooo sad. I swear it is so pathetic it makes me want to scream.  I know there is still time for things to get better before 2013 starts but it is still frustrating that nothing has changed for the better yet.  I am hoping things get better soon because I really need some positive energy now.
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